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What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable Housing is an income-based reduced rent program that is offered on select units at Liberty BLVD. Affordable Housing allows our residents to pay a lower rent if the resident's household qualifies. To qualify for this program your household's gross annual income must be below the maximum gross annual income and each household member must meet all requirements included in our Affordable Housing criteria. The household also must not be comprised of all full-time students within the current calendar year, with a few exceptions. Please contact management for more details.

Resident Selection Plan: We are required to verify all sources of income and all assets for your household as well as the student status for each household member to determine if you qualify. This process generally takes up to two weeks to complete and sometimes longer depending on how quickly we receive third-party verification.

Affordable Housing Criteria

Number of Household Occupants *Gross Max Income Limits
1 $37,100
2 $42,400
3 $47,700
4 $53,000

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